David John Williams retired after a long career as a scientist with the Division of Energy Technology (DET) in Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation, Australia. Born in the UK, he moved to Australia in 1963. He was an expert in measuring urban and industrial air quality and had a great experience in working on greenhouse gas emissions from coal mining. This led to him being part of the IPCC process in regard to coal mining-related emissions and earned him a squillionth of the 2007 Nobel Peace Prize. David was the Project Leader of World Bank’s Air Quality Management Project in Bangladesh in 2001-2002. In 2002, He was awarded an Honorary Doctor of Science (DSc.) degree by The University of Newcastle, Australia. David was a conjoint fellow of Newcastle University. He was a keen reader of history, particularly the lead-up to the Industrial Revolution, and a lover of cricket and Western classical music. A list of his research work is outlined below:

Determination of Greenhouse Gas Emission

Dieback and Gas Emissions in the Cataract River Gorge

Use of Waste Coal in Power Emission

Use of Airborne Infra-red Thermography

Sulphur Particulate Emission

Sulphide Emission

Methane Emissions from Open-cut Mines

Future Fugitives

Fugitive Gas Emission

Facts versus Factions

Facts versus Factions part 2

Emission Testing of Freight Rail

Running out of sustainable energy

The genetics of genious

Ecological history_Rats

Quantification of GHG emission


Motor vehicle linear motion

Speech and music

Sulphur & particulate emission

Sulphur Concentration

Air quality modelling

Air quality impact

Prediction of sulphur deposition

Air quality criteria

Plume visibility

Traffic generated pollution