I regularly publish small blog pieces on South Asian matters in ANU’s different blog sites. Some of these pieces are reproduced in more widely circulated websites., 11th May, 2018

Mining, minerals and firmer foundations for the future, Policy Forum, 3rd November, 2016.

Women as farmers, feminisation of farming, 21 August 2014.

PhD theses and online availability in India, Economic and Political Weekly, 17 August 2013.

The Delhi Gang Rape, 26 February 2013.

Feminisation of agriculture in the eastern gangetic plain, 14 August 2012.

Mamata’s khamota or backlash of the bhadraloks (commentary on West Bengal politics), 27 April 2012.

Thinking about the defeat of the Left Front in West Bengal assembly elections, 23 May 2011.

Anglo-Indians as part of the Indian diaspora, 11 May 2011.

Indus Floods 2010, 1 September 2010. Republished in The Drum (of the ABC).

Indian women bargaining with patriarchy, 22 March 2010.

Black dust and bicycles, November 4 2013.